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"No Mess, No Message is a moving story of one brave family’s battle with unrelenting adversity.  The determination and grit demonstrated by Dr. Jones and her family is inspirational to anyone who has received earth-shattering news and has felt compellled by a higher power."

John Crowley, Best-Selling Sales Author and Cancer Survivor

As a mom to a child with cancer that lives in the trenches daily, No Mess, No Message was so refreshing in many ways. It reminded me that I am not the only one to ride this crazy emotional roller coaster and God is also with me. This book made me cry and laugh out loud at times. I recommend this book to everybody! We will all deal with difficulty in our life. The author's account was courageous and relatable.

It was good for my soul.

Kristi Ross, Cancer-mom, Downs-mom, Oncology Acct Mgr

NICE to Meet You!

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About The Author

A small-town Tennessee native, a healthcare professional and leader, co-owner of The Drifted Drum (a faith based apparel, decor, and gift company), and busy mom to 3 boys, April ​lives near Nashville with her family.

Her first published book, No Mess, No Message: Finding Strength in Struggle and Purpose in Pain released in September 2019.

April loves good music, sweet tea, painting and crafting, writing, helping out a good cause, and being surrounded by friends.

She has been a featured speaker on topics such as overcoming adversity, finding purpose in your pain, burnout, and resilience for organizations such as Nashville Uprise, Oncology Women's Initiative, TN Oncology Pharmacy Association, Buck Creek Trail Ride St. Jude Fundraiser, and many more.


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